301 - A New Season Begins

Breaking Bad ended just in time for me to shift all my attention away from scripted television back to the greatest TV show of all....  LA KINGS HOCKEY!  Jim Fox, Dave Joseph, The Royal Half and The Mayor join me to take a look at the new NHL Season.

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  • October 3, 2013 GretzkyKings99 wrote:
    Ughh. This could have been so enlightening, but you framed the Toffoli conversation all wrong. No one wanted Toffoli to take Frattin's roster spot, and for Frattin to be waived. No one.

    What people want, and this is how you should have framed the discussion Jesse, is Toffoli to take Carcillo's spot, and Vey or Andreoff or really anyone, even a cheap UFA, just anyone god anyone, to take Colin Fraser's spot.

    Also I don't understand why you let him trample all over you with the "no one's playing out of position" bullshit. You were right, you had the facts on your side, and yet you let him walk all over you, and use his own set of incorrect facts, just because, I don't know, you were intimidated or something.

    Jeff Carter was drafted as a center, spent his whole career playing as a center, and only switched to wing full time when he got traded to the Kings.

    Dustin Brown played right wing most of his career, and switched to left wing, also not his natural position. Not that it's that big of a deal, which is the point most of the fanbase is trying to make with Toffoli, but for the purposes of your discussion, you were right, he's switched position.

    When it comes to Trevor Lewis, he's right that wing is probably his natural position now, but that's really tangential to the point. In every other case, you were right and he was wrong.

    If you get him on again, and hopefully it's soon, please ask him why Carcillo gets a roster spot over Toffoli, and Fraser gets a roster spot over Vey. And when he says that Toffoli and Vey can get sent down, while Fraser and Carcillo can't, kindly remind him that he's incorrect. Fraser and Carcillo both make under 900k against the cap, which means they can be waived to the AHL without their cap hits counting against the Kings' NHL salary cap. Additionally, remind him that the Kings didn't need to trade for Carcillo in the first place if they thought there wouldn't be enough roster spots for Toffoli if they did.

    Really wish you'd brought that up. Haven't listened to the whole podcast yet so it's always possible you did later, but so far, really disappointed with the opportunity missed because of how you misframed the entire discussion and gave him an easy out saying "we'd lose Frattin if Toffoli took his roster spot so obviously they made the right choice!"
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    1. October 3, 2013 Jesse Cohen wrote:
      Well you're right.  I did "misframe" the Toffoli question.  Mostly because I wasn't expecting to be asked.  But I don't think there's any mystery as to why Toffoli isn't being played on the 4th line.  My question/point was that there are fans/bloggers/journalists who think Toffoli is ready to play top 6 minutes this season and that he should be given the chance.  I came up with Frattin's name because he's the guy I would expect to move down to the third line in order to "make room" for Toffoli and that's why I asked about switching wings.

      It was poorly handled by me and I appreciate the constructive criticism.  

      Thanks for listening!  Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of it more.

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