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All The Kings Men

336 - Round One Game One TRH LIVE

The Royal Half, PumperNicholl, Jack A Wilson, King Tufficult and Fart Barfunkel join me to sob and vomit.

Download | Duration: 00:13:46

335 - Pacific Playoff Preview Pod Part 2

Jack A Wilson and PumperNicholl from #TeamTRH join me to discuss their thoughts on the playoffs.

Download | Duration: 00:27:38


Jon Rosen, Fear The Fin, THX BUD and The Royal Half join me to take a look at the match up between the Kings and Sharks.

Download | Duration: 00:51:10

333 - Calm Before The Storm

The season is over but before we kick off the playoffs we're joined by Ashley Covert from the Ice Crew, The Mayor and Paige Dimakos.

Download | Duration: 00:40:10

332 - Flames Post Game

Team TRH convenes to weigh in on a game they didn't watch.

Download | Duration: 00:31:30

331 - The Sports Paige

Paige Dimakos joins me to discuss the Phoenix Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks and the upcoming NHL playoffs.

Download | Duration: 00:23:04

330 - Sharks Post Game

Jack A. Wilson and The Royal Half join me to ponder the horrifying possibility of a playoff run without Drew Doughty.

Download | Duration: 00:26:50

329 - Jim Fox and The Royal Half

Jim Fox joins me for the first ten minutes or so before The Royal Half joins to me to discuss the week in Kings hockey.

Download | Duration: 00:54:50

328 - Pens Post Game

The Royal Half and Jack Wilson (Fox Sports) join me to discuss the Kings recent road trip, the Jennings trophy and answer questions from our twitter followers.

Download | Duration: 00:49:10

327 - Flyers Post Game

The Royal Half joins me to discuss the Kings recent games against the Flyers and Panthers.

Download | Duration: 00:38:37